Vision Research Lab, UCL


Visual Perception and Modeling

We study the perceptual mechanisms the underlie our capacity to see movement, depth and form. The interests of the group span computational modeling of image motion processing to the capture, representation and perception of facial movement. Current projects include the perception of global motion, the analysis of dynamic facial motion, time perception and shape from shading.

Latest Paper from the lab

Bruno, A., Ng, E., & Johnston, A. (2013). Motion-direction specificity for adaptation-induced duration compression depends on temporal frequency. Journal of Vision, 13(12):19, 1–11, doi:10.1167/13.12.19. Click for PDF.

Latest News

Prof. Alan Johnston and Dr. Isabelle Mareschal have been awarded a project grant from the Leverhulme Trust entitled “Temporal characteristics of gaze perception”. A Research Associate and PhD position will be advertised in the next few weeks (posted: 9th July 2013).


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